It all began with a simple Facebook message.

"Do I know you from somewhere?" wrote Dave to an adorable redhead that popped up on his computer screen. According to her Facebook profile, her name was Kerry and she was a software engineer who studied at UCLA and had recently moved to San Francisco.

The only catch? Dave didn't actually know her from anywhere. In fact, he hadn't ever seen her before! His smooth moves didn't seem to phase Kerry.

"You don't seem familiar to me. But I'm always looking to meet new people in San Francisco. Want to grab drinks sometime?” she replied.

Over the next few weeks, they sent a few messages back and forth that described where they grew up (both were surprised to learn they shared Southern California roots), what neighborhoods they were currently living in around San Francisco, their interests, and other topics that two young adults who are potentially interested in each other like to share.

It took a few weeks, but they finally agreed to meet on a Wednesday evening at Toronado, a hip pub that was close to both of them. Dave was running late and received a text message from Kerry: "Hi, so are you still coming?"

As he was running up the street, he sheepishly pulled out his new iPhone (the first iPhone had just come out and only a few people in San Francisco had them) and quickly tapped out a reply, "almost there!"

Since it was a week night, Toronado wasn't too packed. After Dave walked in, he waited a moment for his eyes to adjust to the dark room. Looking around, he saw a woman who resembled the person on Facebook sitting at the end of the bar, her face lit up by a bright screen. As he approached, he saw that she was also using an iPhone.

It was love at first sight.